Top 10 puzzle games for Android 2017

When compared with the many genre of games available in Android, the puzzle games definitely take the cake for being the most wonderful of the lot. A simple and the most popular example is that of the Angry birds game which has seen quite at lot of downloads.

The genre of puzzle games has seen a consistent rise over the years  and every day there are new games being developed with the intention to tease the brains of the players. Some of these games leave us wondering if there is ever a way to solve them.

10 Puzzle games for Android

Given below are the top ten puzzle games to ever grace the android platform.

  1. 2048

This is among the most popular of the puzzle games and if you remember the game 1024, then you would be happy to know that this is the sequel. The game starts on a grid where you have to combine multiple numbers to make more new numbers.



As you keep making the new numbrs, you have to further combine them to make bigger new numbers. The minute there is no way for you to connect more tiles is when the game is over. There are grid sizes of different measurements starting from a simple 4×4 to a very complicated 8×8. The game is not very complicated but yet is quite challenging. It can be played by all age groups.

There is no cost involved in downloading the game and there are no purchases to be made in-app as well.

  1. io and

These are two of the most popular games available online in the puzzle genre. The requires you to carry around a board with the other online players.

agar io

All you need to do is consume the smaller competitors and ensure to stay away from the larger ones. The game of requires you to run away from other competitors while making sure that others are running in your direction. The game play is quite fast in both the games and you need to have a pretty good presence of mind and decision making skills.

The games are absolutely free to download. However the in-app purchases do not come for free. But you can enjoy the game without actually making any purchase too.

  1. Clue

Priced at $3.99 this is a classic board game where you have to make your moves along a board, while investigating on a crime mostly murder. You need to find who has murdered, with what and when the murder has happened. This is a replica of the classic Clue board game and is quite good in representing the original version.

The experience therefore is unparalleled if you love the classic version of this board game. There are also some additional features and a game card that is automatically filled. There are no in-app purchases.

  1. Cut the Rope Series

With a classic cute monster in the game, this is one of the most sought out puzzle games of all times.  The objective of the game is to get the candy to the monster which means you need to cut the level in that way. If the monster is able to eat the candy, you get to move to the next level. Don’t worry as there are innumerous levels to cross. Every level has a different game play which keeps the user interested for long in the game. overall it is a game that will be loved by the kids.

Cut the Rope Series

The game is for free and there are no purchases to be made in-app.

  1. Hitman, Deus Ex and Lara Croft Go

These are a series of games that are produced and published by Square Enix and every game brings a different perspective to your gaming table and yet they are similar in the core. There is a game board you will be playing on and the objective of the game is to survive. There will be tools available at every juncture to help you complete the journey with ease.

The price of these games keep varying at intervals depending on various factors and these are definitely a good set of puzzle word games for your gaming appetite.

  1. Limbo

The game is quite short in nature and it costs you around $4.99 but there is no denying the fact that the game is amazing to play with. The game is an adventure based side scrolling game and it is one of those puzzles from 2017. You take on the avatar of a little boy who is searching for his sister and is now stuck in limbo.


The game has an end however you need to play for a few hours to reach it. It is a side scroller and there will be multiple challenges on the way to resolve. There is a demo for free which you can play before actually buying the game.

  1. Mekorama

With simplistic graphics, amazing elements of puzzle and interesting mechanics, this is a really good puzzle game.


The size of the package is not so big despite the game having almost 50 levels of play. Every level comes with a card to be collected at the end of the level. The game is absolutely free but you can spend money to get some in-app purchases. Again this is not mandatory and you can make them voluntarily based on your interests.

If you are a budget gamer on mobile, you will definitely love this game.

  1. Mushroom 11

An exciting game of puzzle where you will be controlling a fungi blob on the game board!

The blob has to be cut in order to make it flow in the other direction. For instance, if you want to go in the right side you have to slide it to the left. And the experience is quite fun and exciting. There are also challenges, achievements, and of course runs on the speed as well to keep the game going.

The game is not tough and is easy to play. It costs you about $4.99 to play the game. There are no purchases to be made in-app though.

  1. Prune

The objective of the game is to grow a plant.

The main theme of the game is based on you trying to grow a plant protecting it and ensuring that it grows into the light. Once the plant grows, you win the game. There are about 48 levels in the game and the game can be played across different devices by simply syncing the information. So if you happen to play on one phone, you can just shift to another phone and continue from where you left. There are no in-app purchases and the game itself costs about $3.99. prune game

The game is completely ok for everyone to play and is one of the best puzzle games in the market.

  1. realMyst

Do you remember the 90s puzzle game from the PC times? Well, this is just an improvised version for you to play on the Android platform.


There are a lot of things to do in the game including multiple puzzles to be solved. The features from the old game have been enhanced to make it more exciting and the graphics have been improved as well to meet with the current market demands. Being a newest puzzle game it is surprising to see the game free of any kind of bug and you get an amazing experience playing it.

The game is a paid one priced at $6.99 and there will not be any further cost in the name of in-app purchases.

What we saw here is the list of top ten puzzle games for the Android smart phones which will keep you glued to your seat and your gaming screen. Enjoy your time playing your favorite one on your phone!

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