Top ten best action games for Android 2017

Irrespective of the platform, if there are games that are widely recognized and liked by everyone, then it will definitely be an action game.

Whether you are playing on the PC like the old gamers or you are using the latest gaming console to play, action games provide you with the much needed entertainment as you complete the missions. Here we have provided you with the best of the lot to play on the Android platform.

Best Action games for Android

Top ten best action games for Android 2017

Want to put your wits and reflexes to test, then you should be looking to play a series of action games. There is never a shortage of adrenaline when you are playing the action games.

It is not just about reflexes and wits for there are multitudes of categories under action games alone. You have fighter based games, shootings, adventure and much more which is why we find choosing the best of the lot slightly tough.

And yet we bring to you the best of the lot for your reference here to play on your Android based smart phone.

  1. Asphalt Extreme: Rally Racing

Asphalt is a word that you will come across quite often in the racing games on any kind of mobile platform. And as you can very well infer from the name, the game is all about racing off-road with other players. The game is from the house of Gameloft.

Asphalt Extreme: Rally Racing

You have about 5 modes of game play and more than 400 races to participate in. There are also 500 different challenges and nearly 35 customized vehicles to choose from. Given that the Gameloft is kind of a giant gaming company, you will never be wanting any more new challenges than what you get in this.

The game comes with a multiplayer mode online where you have the option to compete with nearly 8 people at any time. As with every freemium game, it also has a few drawbacks. And yet all that is forgotten when you have so many things to do and as the race becomes really immersive.

  1. Alto’s Adventure

This is a famous runner game of yesteryear and continues to rule the game world. Quite a simple game in terms of game play, the game is quite fun and exciting and also comes with the horizontal visionary very uncommon in racer games.

Alto’s Adventure

As the player character keeps skiing down the hill you come across many danger and obstacles that you need to cross and also collect many llamas as you move. The graphics are quite simpler and the game moves along pretty smoothly.

With constant running you will be finding yourself often avoiding objects coming your way. The game is absolutely free and has had nearly 10 million people downloading it so far.  Download at

  1. Duet

While the game play for this game is quite minimalistic, the game itself is pretty intense. You have to move two balls over a central axis. The objective is to avoid the platforms by switching in between these two balls. The action is pretty simple and yet quite fun for those looking for simple action.

Duet game

The game concept is however quite complex and is not as easy as it seems to be. The platforms you fell will have marks of your fall so you can avoid them next time.

The campaign mode in the game is for free. However if you want to get more modes or more content then you have to buy through in-app. The game is an example that graphics is not the only thing to make a game interesting.

  1. Riptide GP – Renegade

It is again a racing game from the Riptide GP series and here you will be racing on your skis in place of the usual cars. The race is intensified with the presence of the waves that keep changing the route you need to take.

Riptide GP Renegade

The campaign mode is what you start with and as you move up you can upgrade your skis or go for a higher difficulty. There is also a multiplayer mode for those who want to race against others. If you happen to own two hardware game pads, then you can split the screen and race locally with a friend at your place.

The game is one of the best in the racing genre and there are no in-app purchases to be made.

  1. Into the Dead

As you can guess from the game this is a zombie based game where you will again be running. The game can be quite addictive as you start on it.

Into the Dead

The objective of the game is very simple. You have to keep running through the dark landscapes and shoot any zombies which happen to cross your path. If you don’t shoot, you will get eaten by them though. You have to move as much distance as you can without getting eaten by the zombies.

There are a lot of power-up options, weapons and tools that will help you to make better progress.

The mode on survival is an awesome one where you get to have a dog on your side when you run for your life in this game. While the game is free you may have to spend some money for some of the in-app purchases.

  1. Sonic 4

The latest in the Sonic series of the action games this is yet another unparalleled game that keeps you on the toes. Yes the mobile version has come out very recently and you will experience the mechanics of sonic in the entirety of the game.

sonic 4

There are new moves, new villains, controller support for collaborative playing, etc. to keep the game more exciting.  Every episode is very different and the price is therefore dependent on the episode you choose.

The minimum cost of an episode is at $2.99 and it gets more with each episode.

  1. Xenowerk

Do you remember the 90s contra games? Well this is quite similar to those games.

The objective is what you know from other action games where you have to move killing people on the way and of course steer clear of the obstacles that come down your path. The game has nearly 70 levels to play with.

It is completely free and there are some in-app purchases. Download at

  1. Pocket Mortys

Remember the Rick and Morty from the Cult animation series? Well this is from the same series. The theme is like you have in the Pokemon games and is quite sarcastic in nature.

Pocket Mortys

All you need to do is battle the Mortyrs against the Ricks as you move forward in the game.

You have more than 70 different Mortyrs to collect and the story is of dark humor nature which adds more substance to the game. It is absolutely free of cost.

  1. WWE Immortals

WWE is a game that is loved by almost everyone featuring some of the famous wrestlers from WWE.

WWE Immortals

You can choose to be any of the WWE wrestler like the Triple H, The Rock, The Undertaker, John Cena, etc. While there is no actual wrestling to be done, you will find the game play to be similar to that of the Mortal Kombat or rather the Injustice games.

The game is free with a few in-app buys.

  1. Disney Cross road

A blend of Disney into the Cross roads is the outcome that you see in this game of Disney Cross road.

Disney Cross road

With more than 100 characters from the Disney and with different themes you will never find any lack of excitement with this game. The game is friendly to the kids and yet it is loved by every age group.

Not only is this game free, but it is also quite interesting for a time pass.

Download the action game of your choice and enjoy unlimited action in your fingertips!

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