How to unlock all badges in NBA 2k20

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Greetings to all the NBA lovers out there! Today we are going to share an amazing guide with you. This guide will tell you about how you can unlock all the badges in NBA 2k20. Unlocking each badge in NBA 2k20 is like unlocking a new aspect of the game. So without wasting any time let’s dive into the guide and know about how you can unlock all the badges in NBA 2k20.

How to unlock all badges in NBA 2k17

Personality Badges

The first badge in the NBA 2k20 Badge list is the alpha dog badge. Get highest overall rating and this badge is yours. Come off the bench with more than 7 points and Spark Plug badge is yours. If your player does 10 non-flagrant fouls in a season then you can get the Enforcer badge. As the name suggest Championship DNA badge can be unlocked after winning the NBA Championship. To get the Microwave Badge you need to have 2 red rings for 10 consecutive games. Last but not the least the Expressive badge can be unlocked by celebrating as soon as the prompt comes up.

Defensive Badges

Only two defensive packs are there. The first one is the Pick Pocket for which you have to poke the ball 50 times. The hustler rebounder requires you to do at least 400 rebounds.

Playmaking Badges

They are probably the easiest badges to collect but they take some time to unlock. The Dimer badge needs 300 assists and 20 games. Get 50 ally oops in a season to unlock the Lob City Passer Badge. Get 200 double moves and then score an assist in one season to unlock the Ankle Breaker. To get the flashy passer just make 50 passes in one season. Pick and Roll Maestro Badge is easy to get and you need to get a Dimer first then PNR Maestro and to the Lob City simultaneously.

Inside and Outside Scoring Badges

Acrobat Badge needs 4 charging shots 15 reverse lay-ups to get it unlocked. Get 50 floaters in one season and Tear Dropper Badge is yours. To get the Relentless Finisher you need to take the player’s strength to maximum and 75 contact lay-ups. 100 drive moves are required to get the Post Spin Technician badge.

To get the corner specialist you need 25 corner 3 point shots. The Mid Range Deadeye needs 60 jump shots. To get the Limitless Range you need 40 3 point shots in the last 30 second.

Athletic Badges

To get the Lob City Finisher badge you need 15 ally oops. Posterizer needs 15 attempts of contact to unlock. To unlock the Brick Wall 100 good screens are required. Make 75 fast breaks in one season to unlock the One Man Fast Break.

So, this was a quick guide telling you about how you can unlock all the badges and rule your game. Stay tuned for tips, tricks and guides on NBA 2k20. We wish you a happy gaming. Thanks for reading.

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