NBA 2K19 my career

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NBA 2K19 is the most popular basketball simulation video game with several game modes included in it. MyCareer is one among the game modes where you can create a customization player and play through out your career in this game.

Among much expectations the new NBA2K19 got released, though there are not much of groundbreaking new modes or features the game do have undergone a major refinement to MyCareer Mode.

NBA 2K17 my career

NBA 2K19 MyCareer:

Before getting into  NBA2K19 career mode, let us see what  NBA2K18 career mode lacked with. 2K18’s story based career mode essentially lacked to attract for its too serious and heavy handed storyline.

NBA 2K19 MyCareer has undergone changes and finds more a happy medium story and game play. But the overall structure of MyCareer have not seen much change from last year’s game. A custom player is created by you to play through college games and finally land up in NBA. After reaching NBA, you play a lot of games and practice a lot which improves your stats leading way to be the best in the league.

Through out your play, calendar feature does help you a lot to manage the time between workouts, personal events, games and sports engagements. When you get repeated clashes on these schedules, you got to decide  which event benefits you and choose accordingly.

On court, the visuals and feel remain the same as its old edition but a new feature of off court friendship getting evolved into an on court bonus mode too. Introduction of orange juice, have attracted the 2k community the most. It allows the player to take control of both their Myplayer and Justice young.

Overall, NBA 2K19 MyCareer is a masterpiece as it has got a combined elements of best practices from its previous attempts and finally have been created as a best single game mode.

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