NBA 2k20 Face Scan

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This Face scan feature of NBA 2K20 is the most interesting one in this game why because you can create your own look like in the game.  You need to download the offical MyNBA2K20 app onto your mobile (Android or iPhone) then allow it to scan your face with your mobile’s camera. Remember that Playstation and Xbox users can only make use of this feature and PC users cant.

NBA 2k17 Face Scan

If you have trouble logging into this official app then follow these steps to solve the issue.

  • Check your internet connection whether it is active.
  • Try restarting your phone.
  • Uninstall and reinstall this app in your mobile.

Face scanning tips:

Here are the few tips that can help you to scan a better picture.

 It is better to opt for natural day light and your face needs to be well lit from front with out shadows. Don’t wear any accessories like hat, glasses etc while scanning. Avoid your hair covering your face by pulling it back. Go for selfie pics. Always look straight and not into the camera. While clicking the pic, rotate your head instead of moving your phone.

If your after scanning process is filled with blemishes like weird colour or white spot then these instructions might help you. If you see weird colour after face scan,  hit scan your face on menu. If there are white spots propping up, it might be because of the light reflection so check for glares when you scan your face and adjust it accordingly.

When you import your scanned picture, the game might be stuck for few minutes.

Finally, if you are not happy with the face scan outcome or the player’s face you can very well opt for re scan through the same app. All you got to do is select the option “Scan your face” that appears in “MyPlayer Appearance” menu.

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