NBA 2k20 PS4 Review

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Every basketball lover has once played this game. The NBA Series has always surprised us with its life like graphics and amazing gameplay. This time the NBA has come up with its latest edition the NBA 2k20. Just like the other games of NBA franchise this game is also rocking the gaming world. Few changes are introduced in this version of NBA. We will talk about everything from the game’s graphics to its gameplay in this NBA 2k20 PS4 Review. So, sit tight and read it.

NBA 2k17 PS4 Review


As always the graphics are amazing. Graphics and stats are rendered seamlessly without any intrusions. Commentary never gets old. HUD is minimal but still it is noticeable. This edition of NBA has fixed all the graphics related issues which gamers faced in the previous versions.


Gameplay is quite good. You can watch the pre-game talk show while your match loads. This is a really nice touch which has been added in the 2k20 edition. The controls are fairly easy to understand if you have played the previous versions of the NBA Series. Overall we will say that the gameplay of NBA 2k20 is decent and keeps you immersed in the game.

MyCareer Mode

MyCareer mode is the most highlighted mode of the 2k series. In the MyCareer mode you have to make your own character and pass through all the obstacles which come in his way on his journey to be the best player. This time a nice touch is given to the MyCareer mode. You can select the college from where you want to start your journey to stardom.

But this year, the MyCareer mode has not only focused on the court but has also focused on off the court action. Your house is the HUD world where you can talk to your friends through text messaging, engage in practice on your personal court and do all kinds of things which a pro basketball player should do.

MyTeam- the FUT of NBA Series

MyTeam mode is same as of the Fifa Ultimate Team mode in FIFA. It allows you to build your own dream team. Play with other players worldwide, compete single player scenarios and earn VC points. Many Sub-modes are also there in the MyTeam mode. So, don’t forget to try them as well.

The Verdict

NBA series has never failed to surprise us with its additional features, graphics, gameplay and playing modes. The revolutionary 2k20 edition was amazing but since then the NBA Series has tried hard to improve but couldn’t offer much improvements. But 2k18 has shown us some major improvements. We will say that the 2k20 edition of NBA is a game that you cannot afford to miss. It deserves the storage of your PS4 so, give it a try. We will give this game 8 out 10 stars.

Stay tuned for more informative articles on NBA gaming series. We will try our best to keep you updated on each and every action of NBA gaming world. Thanks for reading.

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