Top 10 Rated Players NBA 2k20

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Hello to all the gamers out there. Today we are coming up with another topic to talk about in NBA 2k20. Today we are going to talk about the top 10 best player in NBA 2k20. These ratings are released every year. We will have a look at the top 10 ratings of this year. So, let’s check who has made their place in the top 10 list and who hasn’t.

Top 10 Rated Players NBA 2k17

This year the cover star of NBA 2k20 is Paul George in the Standard edition and Kobe Bryant in Legend Edition. Michael B. Jordan is featured in the famous story mode of NBA 2k20.

The game has pretty amazing graphics and awesome gameplay. A new type shooting category has been added. It is called the contested shooting category. In earlier version of NBA only two types of category were there the standing and moving category which has now been changed to Open, Contested and Moving.

The graphics are improved from the previous version of the game. New animations are added to make the game more immersive. NBA 2k20 has an impressive depth. The faces of the players look really life like.

The cons of this game include the bad quality of MyCareer Mode and the buggy online mode. Otherwise the game is amazing and has received good reviews from gaming reviews sites.

Enough about the gameplay and new features, let us take a look at the top 10 rated players of NBA 2k20.

  1. 96- LeBron James (No change)
  2. 94- Stephen Curry (Down by 2)
  3. 93- Kevin Durant (Down by 1)
  4. 93- Russel Westbrook (Down by 2)
  5. 93- Kawhi Leonard (Down by 1)
  6. 91- Chris Paul (Down by 1)
  7. 90- Klay Thompson (Down by 1)
  8. 90- Draymond Green (Up by 1)
  9. 90- James Harden (Down by 2)
  10. 90- Anthony Davis (Down by 1)

For the 5th consecutive time LeBron has maintained the top position. He really deserves it after all he won the NBA Finals and led Clevland Cavaliers to winning the NBA title.

In NBA 2k20 LeBron was ruling the top position but was overtaken by Curry mid season. But then Curry’s form took a dip and he lost 2 rating points and dropped to 94 points.

So, this was a quick and informative article on top 10 rated NBA 2k20 Players. Don’t feel bad if your favorite player is not in the list. Ups and downs are a part of the game. Stay tuned for more NBA 2k20 news and tips. Thanks for reading.

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