Top MyPlayer in NBA 2k20

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How to create the top MyPlayer in NBA 2k20

Hello NBA 2k20 lovers! You must have played the amazing MyCareer mode in NBA 2K20. In this mode you have to build your own player according to the position you want him to play on. You can fully customize your player’s height, archetype, weight and other attributes. But it’s not an easy task to do this. Many players find it difficult to get the best tweaking and settings according to different positions. But don’t worry today we are going to help you get the best settings and build for your player according to his position. So, let’s not waste time anymore and dive into the guide on making the best MyCareer Player in NBA 2K20.

How to create the top MyPlayer in NBA 2k17

NBA 2k20 Builds: Point Forward

  • Height –> 6 foot 9 inches

Provides you bigger wings and boosts rebounds, dunks and block.

  • Weight –> 190-210 lbs

Yeah a medium size like this will reduce your boxout and strength slightly but at the same time will improve your speed and make it average.

  • Wingspan

There is no need to have long arms. Medium sized arms of about 81.2’’ will do the job.

The shortcomings of having medium sized arms can be tackled by having a larger shoulder width. Anything close to 23.7” will do the job.

  • Archetype –> Small Forward

This build gives optimal results when everything is average. The point forward player should be agile and a good playmaker, these are the two things which should be set to max. Except these two everything else is pretty average.

NBA 2K17 Builds: Point Guard

  • Height -> 6 foot 1 inch

That’s the optimal height, just in the sweet spot. No harms no gains.

  • Weight

Keep it low, anything around 180 lbs will do the job. It provides speed which is very important.

  • Wingspan

Keep them short go for anything around 73.2”. Reason being the small height of 6’1”, you want to get shooting and off dribble bonuses.

  • Archetype -> Sharpshooter

This will provide you some serious sharpshooting capabilities.

NBA 2K17 Builds: Shooting Guard

  • Height -> 6 foot 4 inches

Yeah this shooting guard is a little shorter but it gives a little boost on standing ducks and loses some speed. We don’t advice you to go any taller than this as it might make him slow.

  • Wingspan

Keep it small; 75.2” will do the job. Our lad is already short so there is no need to keep the arms long. This will help in off dribbles, contested shots, strength etc.

  • Weight

174 lbs to 180 lbs is good to go with. It gives a great boost to your speed and lateral quickness. Be as lightweight and as speedy as you can be.

  • Archetype -> Shot Creator

It is one of the best archetypes in NBA 2k17. Insane agility, good shooting off dribble everything is just great about this archetype.

So, this was a small guide on how you can build the best MyCareer Player according to given positions. Apply these tips next time you make a player and watch it rock the basketball court.

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