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Hello there my fellow bettors and handicappers, it’s Mike here. A sports fan and a big time bettor with an experience of 15 years  – give or take. In this post, I’ll simply tell you about my personal experience with Zcode System  and give it to you straight with all the pros and cons. Hope this Zcode system review will help y’all make an informed choice, but more importantly to make as much profit  as you can.

Zcode System

First off, though, maybe if you are not all that into reading and a video suits you better, you can skip right to a 6-minute video on Zcode’s official page. Or the main points I will underline below.

zcode system review

Be Consistent & Have a System – Do NOT Bet While on a “Winner’s High”

We all won big at some points in our lives, am I right? Remember that genius underdog pick you made last year? Or how you bet on + 7.5 but your team won even the money line? My personal best was a 13-game winning streak in MLB during the 2017-2018 season.   One thing is sure though: we do not want to remember our losses. Read more about the Zcode system review from my experience here.

I’m quite sure you all had such winners and decent streaks. I just hope you were more patient than I was after winning. Because, that is where you “get to keep” what you won. We all know it, c’mon, there is that rush you feel after you won where a voice in your head keeps saying “I am sure there is a game that I can bet right away and make me some more money. Besides, I already won $275 today, won’t hurt me if I lose two hundred bucks”. Well, STOP!  Betting is sometimes an instinctual business, yes. Doesn’t mean you gotta follow every single impulse you had. I made that mistake oh so many times in the past but let’s just say last six months opened my eyes a bit and made me see that clearly.

Now probably, that kinda impulsive betting IS half the reason why you are still on the losing side – in spite of all those winners, true or not? And that is exactly why you need a system that would stop you from making that  mistake. As one of the features I appreciated the most, Zcode gives you a system of regular winner picks (with a percentage above anything I have seen – yet).  You will be getting those picks every day of every season and that is how you will sustain a system and  have a certain % of winners after a short while – IF you stick with what Zcode sends you. Little reminder here: don’t let your mind go wandering about some other bets after Zcode’s guys make you some money. Or do, that is your money to waste after all. But know this; only a system will get you winning on a constant basis.

As of today ( March, 2018), I am in my 7th week with Zcode and judging by week-to-week basis, I can say winning percentage looks fine, it averages a little bit over 80%. There were some very fine days they hit a home run and picked really really profitable bets while there were also days when I saw 75% success with medium and high risk bets – maybe 4 or 5 days in this almost two-month period.

zcode betting prediction reviews

An All Year Round Betting Zcode System – NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, College Sports, Soccer and Tennis – No Scarcity of Picks

Even if I wanted to, I probably cannot underline the importance of having a system enough. At this point, we should remember: we need a constant stream of solid picks to create long-term income. Success in a particular sport is very nice and everything, but I would like that success to last. Seasons of all these US sports do not coincide with one another sometimes, as we know.  This is another thing Zcode System  is useful for: they provide diversity, do quite well in all sports (I have seen NFL, NBA and NHL so far, also made some bets on soccer and major tennis tournaments) and also deliver some additional choices  like soccer and tennis picks throughout the year. Personally, not a big fan of soccer here but I like betting on and watching tennis, WTA more of course 😉 In short, it is always relieving for a bettor to have choices and scarcity of bets is out of the question if you are using Zcode System.


A Scientific Approach on Betting  – All Kinds of Statistics  Included

Most of us spend thousands of dollars on betting on a monthly basis and that makes it an incredibly important part of our daily lives – sometimes even our household income. That is why it is something that should be taken very seriously – otherwise, it might bring outcomes that cannot be undone. At that point, we clearly need to do our best to make all the necessary research, cover all grounds and go beyond  “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” kinda approach in terms of risk mitigation. But, what do we need for that? Statistics, of course, as much as we can get our hands on them. Statistics are not the ultimate game changer or the only decisive factor on any outcome, they are, however, the most important thing if you want to guarantee your wins to the highest extent possible. In a world where you can lose  $1000 since you did not know about an NFL player bruised  his ankle and cannot give a full perfomance, I’d say statistics  are pretty decisive, indeed.

On that note, you will be very happy to know that, while picking a bet,  Zcode System takes into account more than 80 parameters from injuries and player conditions to trainers, home and away teams,  rivalries, feuds, goalies, past and predicted future performances, events and special importance of games. Do not forget; any tiny detail can change turn the tide given the circumstances. Now, a meticulous system like Zcode can be a really easy solution for that particular problem.

zcode system free trial

Precisely Calculated Picks for the BEST VALUE BET – With No Effort On Your Side

As you will notice shortly after your participation, Zcode System is about  getting you the bet with best value which does not necessarily mean a win, loss, over or under for any game. The system just calculates the best value bet and suggests you to put your money on that. So, in a cold and very much computerized way, free of any human errors based on emotions (sometimes we all pick our favourite team – let us not lie here), Zcode System works its way to find the best pick whether it is “a number of goals in a game”   or “a handicap to go against”. In the light of all those statistics we do not (and honestly mostly cannot) take into consideration, best valued bets are delivered to you without any effort at all.

Join a Community (Zcode) with Many Betting Experts and Sports Fans

Thanks to its significant financial contribution to many people throughout the years, Zcode System has thousands of long-time subscribers which created a community of its own.   That is why Zcode’s creators thought of a forum where users could discuss any sports event among them and experts join the conversation to help. So, in addition to one of the best betting systems on web, you will make friends in the community and have the advantage of being able to ask “someone who knows”.


Some Trustworthy People Indeed – No Fear of Scam & Public Beta Testing on Facebook

After paying some decent amount of money for single and so-called “expert picks” and naturally ending up in no ROI (Return on Investment) most of the times, I approached paid betting picks with much suspicion. I remember once buying a “guaranteed”, and I repeat, guaranteed single pick for $45  and betting on a  + 23.5 points handicap (NBA – for the home team) and losing the bet by 31 points. What happened then? Of course, they returned the money for the pick since it was a sure bet they promoted. And what of the money the bet was made with ? Gone with the wind, that 650 bucks I bet is nowhere to be seen. Now, on their part everything is perfectly ethical and they are right.  But for me it definitely is not.

That is exactly why we all need trustworthy people in this industry. Someone with a background and someone who can be transparent, someone who is willing to be.  I read about Zcode’s VIP club a couple of times before but the things became clear to me after reading about their Facebook Public Beta Testing.

zcode line reversal

For about 14 months, Zcode System was tested on Facebook LIVE with the participation of 12.315 people and they have a whole section for the testimonials of those beta-testers on their web site. Click here to visit Zcode System’s web site and check it out yourself.

Now, that kind of transparency already speaks for itself but let me add one more thing; these guys have been around for a long time. Zcode System’s past goes back to 1999 – they have been sending people sports betting picks for 16 years now.  For me, things go “all right” now and I can easily say they deliver what is promised.

Another thing that made me go for Zcode was the fact that there was a moneyback guarantee policy in place.

60-day Full Refund Moneyback Guarantee with the Zcode System

After reading a lot of Facebook posts, some other web sites reviewing betting tools/systems and the content on their own website, I was very close to getting in. What sealed the deal was the 60-day moneyback guarantee though. Now, you will probably never need that but it is comforting to have  and surely puts your mind at  ease. After all, a good handicapper does not leave anything to chance – as much as he can!

Now to “the cons” part, here are the bad things you should know about Zcode:


  • Way Too Much Information –  Things Might Confuse You At First Sight

As I mentioned above, Zcode System is a very detailed one that covers all the bases “literally”. Now, at first sight, that might scare a newbie bettor a little bit as there will be some days when 25 picks will be presented to you on a daily basis – with all kinds of relevant info included. The good thing is, as long as it brings money, you do not need to read a single thing, just pick the most valued bets and bet on them. You do not need to know every single thing about MLB pitchers pitching that day, in fact, you do not need to know anything about baseball – just pick the best bets they recommend and you are done, now it’s time to watch it become a regular income.

  • It is a Little Pricey – Get the Discounts If You Can

Zcode System costs $198 per month as of now (March, 2018) and it could be considered a little expensive. However, be sure that with a starting bankroll of say $1000 and betting in equal pieces of $100, you will make that money back in no time. There are also discount coupons  that Zcode gives away periodically to its customers. Just click here to get to Zcode System’s web site and join their newsletter – they will send you a discount code when there is one (sometimes there are discount for 50% to 75%).

zcode betting system review

I tried my best to inform you as much as I could in this Zcode System review. Hope you liked it and it was helpful to you. I will update the article whenever it is necessary. For now,  best of luck with your bets!

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